About Us

Our vision is a world where coffee growing communities are prosperous

We work with coffee producers and their families in the Ixil region of Guatemala. Our comprehensive, integrated approach to development helps them as they empower themselves to choose their own future based on their priorities, values, and culture. Our trainers are farmers from within the community who teach their peers what's worked for them. The people have built a sustainable micro-credit program with close to 2,000 women, nearly doubled coffee production after losing 75% of their crop to the roya fungus, and grown over 100 gardens to feed their families.

We need your support to achieve our vision. Become a member today and join a community committed to making a sustainable difference in the world. We're shifting the conversation about coffee. We talk about where our coffee comes from to connect with the hands behind every cup. We listen and share stories from coffee fields to espresso bars, because everyone has a story about coffee. We trust in the people of coffee, from farmer, to barista, to you. Join The Coffee Trust in helping coffee farmers and their families overcome poverty at origin.