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Support The Coffee Trust and increase sales at the same time

Thank you for your interest in supporting The Coffee Trust and sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers and their families. This page outlines the various ways a business can engage its customers in a conversation about where our coffee comes from and the people and challenges behind each cup. Please send us an email or fill out the form at the bottom of this page for more information about any of the following options. We also invite you to share your own ideas for collaboration between The Coffee Trust and your business.


Join Us as a Contributor
Join our community of donors!
• Receive monthly updates on our progress at origin
• Receive regular updates through social media
• Receive recognition on our website
• Receive a 10% discount on hand-woven textiles View our current donors here. 

Support Producers
Buy honey and chocolate through CocoMiel
• Half the profits are shared with producers and The Coffee Trust
• Sell hand-woven textiles made in Chajul

Host a Fundraiser
Host an event or fundraiser in your store to support projects that promote self-reliance for coffee producers and their families: Agricultural Development, Women's Savings & Micro-Credit to add family income, Food Sovereignty so farmers can feed their families 12 months every year, Health Projects to halt easily preventable, debilitating diseases, and Education so kids can go to school.

Sell Chajulense Weavings
Available Wholesale and Retail
Offer these beautiful woven items to your customers while raising money for Chajulense de Mujeres. These pieces are woven by the women of Chajul, Guatemala and the money they raise from sales helps them to feed their families, have access to health care, and gain independence from coffee as their sole source of income. These weavings can now be delivered right to your door. You can display these weavings alongside print materials describing the programs customers are supporting by making a purchase. All contributors to The Coffee Trust receive 10% off their orders.

Join Us on Social Media for Our International Live Broadcasts
National Coffee Day, September 29 and 1st Cup, January 1
”Connect over coffee” with us as we harness the power of social media and the positive power of our shared connectedness. Our National Coffee Day and 1st Cup campaigns celebrate the connection your business and your customers have to the farmers and families we work with through sharing of social media content and live video.


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