Carlos Murillo

Expocert Cafe

Carlos Murillo has 25 years experience in coffee, working as a manager of two cooperatives in Costa Rica, Coocafe and Coopelibertad, and providing consultancy on management and business to organizations of small producers in Central America. He has been linked to fair trade movements and sustainable seals since 1990, representing producers of Latin America on the Boards of the Max Havelaar Foundation, Holland; TransFair, Germany; and UTZ Foundation, Holland. In Costa Rica, Murillo helped create the non-profit Fundación Hijos del Cafe, which supports education for rural youth, and Fundación Café Forestal, which promostes and manages sustainable development projects. In Guatemala, he helped create the non-profit Fundación Ixil to support social development in the Ixil region, and in Honduras assisted with the creation of the non-profit Fundación Amigos del Café, which promotes sustainable socio-economic development in the western region of the country. Currently, Murillo runs his company, Expocert Café, which supports producers and organizations in the commercialization of coffee under fair and transparent conditions on the international market.