Our Projects

La Roya Recovery: Coffee farmers in Ixil lost up to 75% of their crop due to a fungus called la roya (coffee rust). We support a comprehensive program to combat la roya and replenish nutrients in the soil using sustainable, organic agricultural strategies and Effective Microorganisms. Learn more.

Education: In Ixil, only 11% of children complete primary school, 5% complete high school, and less than 1% earn a college degree. Our program increases access to education by providing scholarships and helping create a better learning environment within the community.

Food Sovereignty and Health: These programs empower families to take ownership over their own food production and health. Participants learn to grow gardens, raise hens, produce compost, prepare nutritious meals, use medicinal plants, build efficient stoves, and reproduce Effective Microorganisms to improve soil and crop health. Learn more.

Economic Diversification: The Women's Savings and Microcredit, Weaving, and Honey Production programs assist communities in becoming economically independent from coffee. Participants start their own small businesses and work to stabilize their incomes regardless of the volatile coffee market. Learn more.