Pepe Rodriguez

Director of La Roya Recovery Project

Gonzalo José Rodríguez Marcucci (Pepe) is an agronomist with a master degree in rural development from Cornell University. He plans, implements and evaluates rural development projects, and currently has trained over 5,000 participants in a variety of program-related work. He was instrumental in establishing Mujeres Chajulense, our women’s savings and micro-credit program in San Gaspar Chajul that started with 20 women participants in 2007 and today has over 1,000 participants with a 0% default rate in microcredit. After many years working in the field of organic agriculture, Pepe began investigating the application of Efficient Microorganisms in 2003. He has experimented with their use of the years and has applied their treatment to plants, animals and even himself and family for improved health benefits. He is the main advisor for our La Roya Recovery Project, promoting the usage of microorganisms to control the coffee rust fungus la roya on small scale coffee farms in Central America.